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Guillermo Cuellar Guillermo Cuellar

From the beginning I have been captivated by the sensual flow and rhythm of hands and clay on the spinning potter’s wheel. I am still fascinated by this dialogue and the endless discovery, even in the repeated forming of similar pots. I feel a kinship with the historical sweep of useful pottery making.

The most exquisite beauty can sometimes be found in simple pots made for use. Small variations and accidents make timeless forms individual and unique objects. The best of these pieces go beyond representing a single maker, time, and place and contain the best of human values: family, friends, community, joy, celebration.

I love to make pots that invite handling and use, that suggest participation and enjoyment. In my ideal world we would all have a home full of uplifting, beautiful handmade objects.


  Guillermo Cuellar

Guillermo Cuellar
18855  263rd Street
Shafer, MN 55074
(651) 213-1073

Guillermo's web site
Showroom always open.

There will be a shuttle to ride up and down the driveway
available at my studio.
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