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Robert Briscoe Robert Briscoe Robert Briscoe

Looking back, I realize that choosing to be a potter in the late 1960s was then less about being an artist or seeking self-expression than about my dealing with the social and political turmoil of that period.  I saw being a potter as my best chance to live an authentic and self - directed life, to be a fully integrated person - physically, mentally, and creatively.  I was convinced I could also make my living exclusively from hand making, which most advisors viewed very skeptically then.

At some point in this developing pottery life, the realization that there was more to being a potter than continuing the cycle of making and selling objects took hold. It was now clear that there is power conveyed, through beautiful, useful objects.

Fully recognizing the possibility of the deeper tangible connection between user and maker, I fell in love with pot-making all over again.  My purpose in making pottery expanded beyond meeting my own needs, and I began to focus my pots as part of the simple, joyful rituals of life - the serving of food and displaying of flowers, the savoring of life by others.  This focus made me concentrate my work towards the quiet subtleties and nuances that would be revealed over time and use.


Robert Briscoe
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