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Mike Norman Mike Norman Mike Norman

"So why horses and not dogs? A paradox posing as a question,-----things are not what they seem. More to the point they are all dogs to some degree.

After many years of making it became apparent these dogs were a thespian pedigree even though they are mongrels at heart. They like all the actor stuff---makeup, costumes, props, the stage, and they like to emote and play to the audience. Then they started directing the show. Who's in control? What to do? Go with the flow. Fortunately I had a good boat from the early days and these actor friends. They like to work and have become my defenders, guides, lookouts and wake me if I drift at the wheel and, when I forget, they sing to me the song in my heart. A safe passage needs a good navigator, my old mate Tom, is the best. He works only for love, sardines and tuna.

Now we're underway on this philosopher's stone's quest, one question lingers---will the recent evidence of a flat universe affect the journey?"


Mike Norman
4309 Glenwood Ave.
Golden Valley, MN 55422
(612) 214-2251

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